Neuros Technology

Neuros Technology International, LLC is a consumer electronics manufacturer committed to making the world’s best portable digital media products. Neuros is the only company in this space committed to an open development environment that encourages customers and programmers to participate in the Neuros design process all the way from concept to post-production enhancements. The company product line includes: 1. The Neuros MEPG-4 Recorder 2: A pocket-size digital VCR for the Sony PSPTM and the IpodTM Video that allows users to effortlessly record movies from any video source. The recorder is the best way to get video content onto your handheld. 2. The Neuros 442: a Portable Media Player/ Recorder designed to become the leader in the emerging market of Portable Video Players. The current version, the 442v1 is priced at $369.99. The Neuros 442 will be the only open source PMP/PVP when Neuros launched the 442v2 in Q2 2006. 3. The Neuros Audio Computer. An MP3 player recognized by many as the best in the market. The third generation of player will be available in the first half of 2007. 4. The Neuros MPGE-4 Recorder 1: The first generation of MPEG-4 recorder is an ideal complement to handhelds owners, who can now get any video content onto their Palm, Pocket PC, Smart Phone and laptops. 5. Neuros also offers different accessories like earphones, power adapters, USB cables, etc. With its unique commitment to open-source development, its strong community of over 20,000 entushiasts and exciting new products in the pipeline, Neuros is poised to become a leader in the portable media device marketplace.