PlayOn is a streaming DVR which enables you to record streaming shows and movies in the Cloud or on your Home PC and then download them to your mobile device/tablet/computer to watch off-line using no data/bandwidth. PlayOn Cloud: When you download the PlayOn cloud app from the App Store or Google Play Store, you are putting a Cloud DVR in your pocket. The app lets you select videos from U.S. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO and many more and then make a recording of them in the cloud. You can then download that recording when on wifi and watch it off-line without using your data plan or wifi. You can easily cast it over to your big screen TV or watch on your mobile device. You can also automatically skip over commercials. You can buy recording credit packs or subscribe to a recording and storage plan. This is great for travelers who like to watch on planes and trains where wifi is limited/slow and Satellite/Fixed Wireless Internet customers who have limited bandwidth during peak streaming periods. They have an auto-download during off-peak feature that lets Satellite users download during the off-peak hours and then watch an HD stream without buffering in prime time. PlayOn Home: By downloading and installing PlayOn Home on your PC, you have have an in-home streaming DVR. With a PlayOn Home plan, you can record shows and movies from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO and more (25+ channels). Your recordings are automatically saved to your PC. You can then move or stream your recordings to any other device – tablet, phone or streaming device for offline viewing or viewing on TV without ads via AdSkip. You can also set shows to record as soon as they are released. PlayOn Home is simple to install and easy to use. And, you can watch your favorite streaming shows and movies anywhere, anytime, even offline.

Record Netflix Videos Before They Expire.