Woodzee strives toward growing a business that is committed to providing fashion-forward, quality products priced for everyone to enjoy. Equally committed to promoting a sustainable relationship between humankind and nature, all pieces are constructed using renewable resources. Woodzee utilities packaging made from 50% recycled paper using soy ink. Woodzee is continually seeking new wood and best practices to promote the healthiest possible planet. In addition to a 15% commission feel good knowing that for every pair of sunglasses sold at Woodzee.com, they offer all of our customers a great option. This option is their Recycle Program in which all of their products we produce are eligible for a 50% discount on a new Woodzee sunglass when the customer returns their frame that they want to retire. they then utilize the recycled sunglasses returned to them to be used for FREE REPAIRS. Woodzee also offers FREE REPAIRS if the damaged sunglass is repairable and they have the replacement parts in stock from the inventory of parts sourced from the sunglasses returned to Woodzee via their Recycle Program. In summary, Woodzee is much more than just another sunglass manufacturer. Woodzee is a forward thinking company that always practices as many ways to recycle materials possible to keep our planet from being flooded with products unnecessarily discarded discarded into landfills. They want to provide our customers with products that hold value to their hard earned money and in addition to that their company also does it’s best to keep our products from adding to the alarmingly increase of volume of produced products contribution to the waste being sent to the landfills worldwide. They want their customer to love their products and to do their best to keep their products operable and out of the landfills.

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